Tuesday, July 20, 2010

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Princess Lady Ice Skates are very comfortable and help to keep your feet feeling toasty on those cold-cold days of winter. They are designed out of fancy leather which is a rare treat because of the leather’s strength and durability, at the same time; it promotes toughness within the shoe.

Having fun on ice is what Princess Lady ice skates are all about in fact these ice-skating shoes are so comfortable it is just like wearing your own shoes on ice. The only difference is that ice-skates are specifically designed to help you glide without falling!

The skates have a narrow strip of metal which has a shiny stainless steel blade making the skates very supportive. They sport a hard design on the bottom of the ice-skates to help you stay balanced whilst you are on ice. The stainless steel blade is strong but it does not rust or corrode like other types of metals that more down market ice skates are made out of. The blades have more protection with the stainless steel and it keeps them looking newer for longer. The skates make ice-skating more fun because they help to give you more flexibility, and that is just what you need to stay on your feet on slippery ice!

Princess Lady are designed to make you feel like a princess because of the high-top boot designed to give your feet and ankles added protection. The boot design ice-skates have a strong sole on the bottom part of them to help support the steel blade on the soles of the skates.

Princess Lady Ice Skates - White - UK4

White Princess Ice Skates - UK Sizes 2 - 8

Princess Ice Skates - Beige - UK5

Beige Princess Ice Skates - UK Sizes 2 - 8

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When purchasing skates it is always comfortitng to know that they professional approval, and the Princess Lady Ice Skates has pass the TUV-GS and are now certified to be a working product and well worth the asking price. You can find these ice-skates for around 47.50-53.95 pounds, and that’s not a bad price for a certified pair of ice-skates.

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